Our Technologies

MiP Pharma has extensive pharmaceutical production expertise. We are an established, mid-size manufacturer of sterile liquid and lyophilized antibiotics in the heart of Europe.

Our expertise covers all relevant process steps. Next to our production areas, we operate our own modern microbiological and molecular biological laboratory. Here we perform the tests required for sterile production "in-house". Our chemical-physical laboratory is equipped with all instruments for routine testing of medicinal products and their starting materials. We are able to conduct all relevant stability studies for your products, including the storage of the samples.

The comprehensive EU-GMP certified infrastructure, established for more than a decade, in combination with our experienced team has an excellent track record in terms of delivery reliability, which our customers highly appreciate.

We also provide our customers with all technical and regulatory services required for transfer processes. Our expertise in quality assurance and our experienced QPs provide support with their expertise proven in day-to-day work.  

Our services in contract manufacturing

Available capacity in aseptic filling of liquids and freeze-dried products

Our modern manufacturing site at Homburg was build 2012 and is EU-GMP certified since 2013. Due to the modular design, it enables fast track capacity scale-up even to very high production volumes. As well, different active ingredient classes may be processed simultaneously in dedicated facilities without the risk of cross-contamination.

Current setup focuses on aseptic manufacturing of liquid and freeze-dried (lyophilized) products. With a highly skilled team and their many years of experience in aseptic manufacturing, we offer significant, immediately available capacity in aseptic manufacturing which includes freeze drying, analytical services, batch-release as well as warehousing & logistics.

Available ”Brown Field” for customer projects, e.g. pharmaceutical manufacturing space for your short-term capacity expansion

Our modular manufacturing site is designed to hold several independent production units. This space is immediately available to partners for their "Client Project Modules" (CPMs) scalable from 100 m2 to more than 1000 m² with long-term contract commitment.

Many of the prerequisites for creating the environment for manufacturing sterile products within the shortest possible time are already in place. Important utilities, such as a WFI plant, are designed for supplying the entire site.

There is no easier and faster way to expand pharmaceutical production capacities. Small units, e.g. for products in niche technologies, can be realized in dedicated units.

You have the project – we have prepared area and the network to deliver the customized solution. Of course, we are also prepared to operate the established facilities for you.

How can we support your business?

Download our folder on contract manufacturing here.

Your contact person for contract manufacturing:

Dr. Uta Becker