Our expertise

MiP Pharma operates with an extensive expertise in pharmaceutical production. This brings with it extensive expertise in pharmaceutical production – regarding both our proprietary products as well as those we contract manufacture.

Our know-how and experience additionally extend to the important accompanying processes highly relevant to quality; for example, our in-house knowledge about microbiology and molecular biology is solidified by the appropriate laboratories. This also enables us to undertake contract development of pharmaceutical formulations for our customers.

The reliability of our deliveries is highly recognized and is based on well established EU-GMP-certified infrastructure and our team experienced in the supply chain and pharmaceutical manufacturing that works in-sync to deliver on time.

For the contract manufacturing, our state-of-the-art production plant in Homburg (Saar) went into operation in 2012. Its featured modular construction makes it possible to rapidly scale up the capacity to very high production volumes. Thanks to the technical setup of our production plant in Homburg (Saar), separated production modules can be operated in the same building. That means that various active ingredients parallel can be processed classes without any risk of cross-contamination.


Wide production range

We rank among the elite number of European manufacturers who produce liquid and lyophilized antibiotics. Not only can we process the likes of clindamycin and vancomycin in particular into medicinal products for parenteral administration, but are also experienced in handling numerous cephalosporins as well.

In addition to our specialization on parenterals and antibiotics, at MiP Pharma, the wide production range also extends to the manufacture of conventional oral forms of other drug classes including live yeast among others.

It goes without saying that we support our customers by giving them expert advice on which transfer processes and regulatory re-registrations are necessary.

Your contact person for contract manufacturing:

Dr. Uta Becker