A focus on customers and users

It is our mission to place the focus on our customers and the users of our products: As a globally operating German pharmaceutical company, we consider it our ongoing obligation to serve the healthcare sector, to fulfill customers’ health care needs and to ensure and/or add to the high level of customer benefits associated with the use of our products.

Here are some examples of specific customer benefits:

  • Products and services tailored to specific customer needs (such as niche antibiotics, which are also part of the portfolio we offer)
  • Our highly esteemed reliability as a supplier — especially important in antibiotics for the clinical market


High-level competencies in medicine and pharmacy

We place great value on maintaining a competent and responsible team of expert consultants who advise the medical and pharmaceutical community with a high level of competence.

A value-driven corporate culture

Complementing our outstanding customer orientation, we view qualified staff, modern production facilities with efficient processes, a value-driven and performance-enhancing corporate culture as well as responsible management as indispensable elements of our mission.

Above and beyond that, we pursue as a corporate goal the vision to sustainably increase our value as a company through profitable growth in specialized markets and portfolios, modern production facilities and cost-optimization processes, while maintaining an attractive operational setup.