Sustainable and responsible

As a portfolio company of capiton AG, MIP Pharma Group subscribes to the sustainable and responsible corporate principles practiced by its investors which demand that all of their portfolio companies uphold a stellar reputation and remain beyond reproach.

The MiP Pharma Group additionally takes part in a program for all capiton portfolio companies by submitting to an annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) review that includes the involvement of external auditors and additionally comprises a dedicated climate risk assessment aimed at identifying and, where appropriate, mitigating any climate change risks.

Fair and respectful

The MiP Pharma Group's code of conduct covers extensive rules on ethical standards that every employee and every MiP Pharma Group affiliate is required to follow. These significantly extend beyond the mere adherence to all statutory laws and regulations.

Not only does the MiP Code of Conduct demand that all employees pay equally due respect to each other at all times, but also task management with actively ensuring a working environment that respects equity and diversity in the same measure.