Over 65 years of success

Our company was founded in 1955 under the name “Chephasaar” and was headed by Peter Denk for many years. Since then we have dedicated ourselves with competence and passion to the production of pharmaceuticals for the German and European market. We manufacture proprietary pharmaceutical products and contract manufacture pharmaceuticals for our customers as well.

We have continued to grow and evolve ever since our founding.


A new era under new ownership

At the end of 2020, the MiP Pharma Group was taken over by Berlin-based capiton AG with management participation. The commitment of our new owner creates valuable growth opportunities for our company.

One investment focus is the strengthening of our German production capacity allowing us to grow in the market and fostering our position as a highly specialized contract manufacturer, e.g. for parenteral antibiotics.

A further investment focus is to expand our portfolio and intensify our national and international sales activities. We are focused on products where we can use our sales strengths profitably, such as our proven expertise in the German hospital sector.

You can find the latest information about us here.