What we value

The provision of the optimum support to you, the prescriber of our products, and to our customers in hospitals and pharmacies, is what we see as our primary mission.

Both nationally and internationally, we place great value on maintaining a competent and responsible team of expert consultants who advise and support the medical and pharmaceutical community with a high level of competence.

Specifically in the hospital pharmacy sector that chiefly depends on the continuous availability of key drugs, our well-known and reliable delivery capacity is highly appreciated and has received much acclaim with top supplier ratings.

Not least, this is due to our dependable German production plants and our well-established global supply chain for the active ingredients we process into pharmaceuticals.

Where we are headed

In doing so, we are resolutely focused on leveraging our growth opportunities to the maximum.

An important aim is to expand our product portfolio and intensify our national and international sales activities.

We have listened to the call by German and international health experts to again ramp up pharmaceutical production in the European Union: that is just one reason we are planning to expand our German production capacities. Another is to achieve even great stability along our supply chain.

Are you interested in collaborating

Strategic partnership and joint ventures allow businesses to combine their specific strengths and create successful business models. If you want to cooperate with us in sales and export, you will find more information here.


Where we operate

The subsidiaries and affiliates of the MiP Pharma Group in Germany include:

  • MiP Pharma GmbH, Kirkeler Strasse 41, D-66440 Blieskastel
  • Chephasaar GmbH, Mühlstrasse 50, D-66386 St. Ingbert
  • CNP Pharma GmbH, Marienplatz 10 - 12, D-94081 Fürstenzell
  • Rosen Pharma GmbH, Mühlstrasse 50, D-66386 St. Ingbert

Our international distribution companies are:

Beyond this, the MiP Pharma Group maintains active sales and distribution networks in 13 other countries.