Wide range of products

Our wide range of products encompasses around 400 drug market authorizations and around 270 pharmaceutical products – both classic generics as well as over-the-counter medicines (OTC products) and medical devices.

The portfolio focus is on prescription generics for the indication of anti-infection agents, in particular antibiotics, as well as products for hospitals.

Production in Germany

We have been manufacturing in modern, GMP-certified production facilities at our Saarland sites since 1970.

Our production know-how includes not only classic oral dosage forms such as film-coated tablets or granules, but we also produce dosage forms with particularly complex production technology, such as sterile liquid and lyophilized antibiotics, in our modern production facility in Homburg / Saar, which went into operation in 2012.

International sales

Our sales focus is on the hospital sector and on approaching selected medical specialists and dentists as well as urologists in particular.

The main markets are Germany, Poland and other Eastern European countries; MiP Pharma currently has over 4 locations outside Germany as well as international sales of our products in 13 other countries.

Strong in the hospital sector

With a high market share in the hospital sector in particular for parenteral cephalosporins (up to 40%), we offer a reliable supply of indispensable antibiotics for perioperative prophylaxis and therapy in elective surgery. We provide the hospitals a product group that is only offered by a few suppliers in Germany.

Thanks to our recognized excellent reliability as a supplier and outstanding customer orientation, we were named "Best Pharmaceutical Supplier" for the hospital sector in Germany on a number of occasions*

* Supplier Award 2017, 2019 and 2021 from Prospitalia GmbH, the largest German purchasing association in the healthcare sector. In 2016, 2018 und 2020, MiP Pharma took 2nd place.