Successful together

Strategic partnership and joint ventures allow businesses to combine their specific strengths and create successful business models. MiP Pharma Group also maximizes synergies with partners in research, production, sales and export domestically and abroad.

In doing so, MIP Pharma contributes its own specific expertise to the different areas of cooperation:


Focus on collaboration

If you as a commercial operator

  • would like to speak to us about product development,
  • would like present your products to your target group through our sales network in co-marketing, co-sales or as a licensor,
  • if you would like to distribute our products yourself in co-distribution, as a licensor or an exporter,
  • if you would like to use our production facilities for the contract manufacturing of your products,

then please get in touch with our specialists for collaboration inquiries:

for collaboration:

Dr. Friedrich Sernetz

for sales and export:

Karl Appelmann

for contract manufacturing:

Dr. Uta Becker