Broad portfolio and targeted specialization

Our wide range of products includes approx. 400 drug approvals and around 270 pharmaceutical products within the overall MiP Pharma Group. In addition, classic generics, branded drugs, products for self-medication (OTC products) and medical devices are featured.

The portfolio focus is on prescription-only anti-infective generics for those indications, in particular antibiotics.

Moreover, our group possesses specialized expertise on products in the hospital and dental sectors. Not only do we distribute medicines in the antirheumatic and analgesic classes, but drugs for managing metabolic disorders.

Pursuant to pharmaceutical law, we are only allowed to offer you detailed information on our non-prescription products presented on the public pages of our website.

If you are seeking information about our prescription drugs, available for healthcare professionals click here.

Improving therapeutic outcomes through dialog

We understand our mission as extending beyond the supply of highly efficacious medicines to include an ongoing qualified dialog with the responsible healthcare professionals. In collaboration with the medical community, hospitals and pharmacies, we are driven to help improve therapeutic outcomes.

A competent team of expert consultants who advise the medical and pharmaceutical community with a high level of competence are there to achieve this purpose.

In our “Healthcare professionals” section, we offer special contact options for the community of healthcare professional.


Country-specific language Instructions for use Nitroxoline

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Our Portfolio

Our products for self-medication:

  • alpha-Vibolex 300® mg Kapseln
  • alpha-Vibolex 600® mg HRK Kapseln
  • Eubiol® Hartkapseln
  • Hepa-Vibolex®
  • Lactuflor®
  • Tetrisal® E

Our periodontitis test for use by dentists:

Our prescription-only drugs to be prescribed by physicians:

  • AHP 200®
  • Amoxi-saar® plus
  • Cefazolin-saar® 2000 mg i.v.
  • Cefepim-MIP 1g
  • Cefepim-MIP 2g
  • Cefotaxim-saar 1g
  • Cefotaxim-saar 2g
  • Ceftazidim-MIP 1g
  • Ceftazidim-MIP 2g
  • Ceftriaxon-saar zur Infusion 1g
  • Ceftriaxon-saar zur Infusion 2g
  • Cefuroxim-saar® 1500 mg
  • Cefuroxim-saar® 500 mg Filmtabletten
  • Cefuroxim-saar® 750 mg
  • Clinda-saar® 150 mg
  • Clinda-saar® 300 mg
  • Clinda-saar® 600 mg
  • Clinda-saar® 600 mg Injektionslösung
  • Clinda-saar® 900 mg Injektionslösung
  • Clindasol® 150 mg Filmtabletten
  • Clindasol® 150 mg/ml Injektionslösung Durchstechflasche zu 600 mg Clindamycin
  • Clindasol® 150 mg/ml Injektionslösung Durchstechflasche zu 900 mg Clindamycin
  • Clindasol® 300 mg Filmtabletten
  • Clindasol® 600 mg Filmtabletten
  • Diarönt® mono Tabletten
  • Gyno-Mykotral®
  • Nilox® midi
  • Nitroxolin forte
  • Vanco-saar® 1 g
  • Vanco-saar® 500 mg
  • Vancosan® 1000 mg
  • Vancosan® 500 mg