Quality Made in Germany

At two locations in the German Federal State of Saarland, MiP Pharma produces a large number of differently formulated medicinal products for a variety of indications.

These include a wide assortment of pharmaceuticals in sterile forms (liquid and lyophilized parenterals) alongside oral presentations like tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules, granules and liquids.

We invest in innovative technologies and the strictest quality assurance systems to guarantee the highest quality in pharmaceutical production according to our motto “Made in Germany”. All production facilities are GMP*-certified in accordance with the high European quality standards and are also accredited as production facilities to manufacture medical devices.

Our proprietary pharmaceutical production facilities in Germany and a well-established global supply chain for the active pharmaceutical substances, excipients and packaging materials we process in general ensures a very high reliability of deliveries. That is how we keep true to our special responsibility as a supplier to innumerable hospitals. Indeed, many of our products are medicines that are essential to their clinical practice.

*GMP    Good manufacturing practice

Contract manufacturing

Strategic partnership and joint ventures allow businesses to combine their specific strengths and create successful business models. If you are interested in a contract manufacturing with us, you will find more information here.

Homburg (Saar) production site

At Homburg (Saar), MiP completed a new modern production location and put it into operation in 2012. In Homburg, we have specialized in the filling of sterile liquid and lyophilized pharmaceuticals for injection, with Clindamycin und Vancomycin as our most important processed active compounds.

St. Ingbert (Rohrbach) production site

At our location in St. Ingbert (Rohrbach), we have been running pharmaceutical production since 1970. During this period, we have grown to become specialists in the "antibiotics” sector by virtue of our years of experience and our proprietary pharmaceutical developments for drug discovery in this indication group.

Our focus at this production site is placed on the manufacture of oral solid and liquid formulations. Here, Clindamycin, Lactulose and Saccharomyces Boulardii rank among the main active compounds we process there.